What is a conservation easement

The conservation easement is a legal way to protect the land on Hinckley Ranch. It ensures specific commitments that restrict future development, creating a safe haven for the wildlife and the land. It also certifies that the land qualifies for tax credits and super special tax status. Existing buildings as well as those suggested in the M.A.C proposal would be constructed in such a way that the wildlife corridor would be protected and void of buildings. All structures must be a minimum of 100 feet from the creek.

How big is it?

This easement will cover the ground from Middle Fork Canyon through Hinckley Ranch, across the highway, and reach to Pineview Reservoir. Respect should be paid to the watershed by restricting the trampling of vegetation at or near erodible areas. These include permanent streams, intermittent streams, and erodible slopes. Protection of the grounds ensures the quality of the land and the preservation of native wildlife. Registration of the Hinckley Ranch as conservation easement should be accomplished according to protocols of the Ogden Valley Land Trust or Utah Open Lands.